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Good Morning!

by Michael Noone on 02/14/11

Good Morning!

Check out my latest Hockey Gallery.  I opened my e-mail yesterday morning and found a wonderful note from my Patch editor. She said, her supervisor sent her a note praising my gallery! HOORAY! I got my first rave review!!!

...oh...Happy Valentines day (groan)

I am not a big supporter of Valentines Day, a.k.a, buy me something to prove you love me day.

However, one of my maybe someday ideas for is to make greeting cards with my flowers. If I do that, I'll have to embrace Valentines Day. ...

..Ugh. I can barely stand the thought. Valentines day is one of the worst things to come out of America since the IRS.

I'm such a lousy capitalist! I should be gung-ho to capitalize on Valentines Day with my flowers. God knows, if I ever was going to sell flowers this would be the time to do it. But my distaste for the "holiday" stands in my way... that and the monumental task of actually producing and selling greeting cards.

Whatever. Maybe some day. For now I am consumed with the other American travesty.

Over the weekend I did our taxes. We wanted to find out how big our return would be and get it early so we could build a fence around our yard for Tristan and plan a vacation.

As it turns out, we are going to owe 1,800. NOOOOOOO!!!!

What a chilling nightmarish discovery that was. I actually did get a chill when I realized the truth. God help us!

Unfortunately, it is all my fault. I dialed back my withholdings. We needed more cash from week to week, so I changed my exemptions. I should have done more due diligence. I ASSUMED that our mortgage interest deduction would offset the potential problem. I was WRONG, and as much as I rail against THE MAN, I know that if I had done my homework, I wouldn't be in this mess.

Of course, it IS THE MAN's fault. If I did my homework, I would have learned that Alli and I as a married couple, making what we make, are in the worst possible tax bracket, because THE MAN saddles us, and people like us, with the greatest tax burden. The poor have exemptions, the rich have loop holes, the rest of us have to pay for everything.

I don't want to get into that anymore. Suffice it to say I've learned my lesson. I'm going to know my refund for 2011 before summer.

I'm also not dead yet. I'm still hoping to find a way out of this debt. I am hoping MJN Ventures, LLC will be the answer.

Pixie? Tax attorney?

I have to file taxes for MJN Ventures because I actually made a little money, and I have to file to legitimize my entity. I made about 700.00, which will, I suppose bite a slightly deeper dent in my poor fat ass...BUT, if I file my taxes as business owner, I should be able to write off my expenses and debts, i.e. camera equipment which I bought to do my freelance work?

Pixie? Tax attorney?

I'll have to do the research. Who knows. Yesterday, I did a lot of research only to find that we either make too much money or not enough money, to qualify for most available tax credits.

In other news: I have not talked about being fat for a while. Judy Jesus told me several weeks ago to stop dwelling on it. I took her advice.

But today, I'm going to talk about it one more time because I need to set the stage for my glorious come back.

Last week I weighed in for a "Biggest Loser" contest in the Ernie & Yert, McLean Tax department. I figure I will win because I'm training for a marathon.

AHAHAHAH I work for a tax department! ahahahaha! My life is all Irony!

Anywho, I weighed in at a whopping fat 231!  OH THE HUMANITY!

So, in 2006 I lost 60 pounds. As of last Monday, I had gained back 40.


The only reason I can face that horrible truth is because I am doing something about it.

TODAY I weighed in at 226. I lost 5 pounds in 7 days. All I had to do was stick to a calorie limit, and exercise for an hour a day. Ta Da!

I'm excited by my progress, but I need some fine tuning. I don't actually want to lose that much weight in a week. I want to loose 1  2 a week. 5 pounds a week is too fast for training.

Theoretically, as I grow stronger, I'll be doing a lot more exercise than I did last week, which means I'll have to eat a lot more, which means I have a lot of planning to do. Love and I are working on a diet overhaul. We want to stop eating crap.

YES LOVE! I'M ON BOARD JEEEZ! It's just when you come home from Yoga and tell me I have to stop eating bagels... God bless! And on Tax nightmare day?

"Hey Love! Did you fix the taxes? Stop eating bagels!"


Last week, I ate 2390 calories a day, but I still ate the same crap I usually eat, specifically, starches, sugars and fats. I lost weight, but I don't just want to lose weight. I want to live better all around.

Wich means, GOD HELP ME! I'm going to have to give up bagels!!!

I quit drinking and smoking. I'm trying to cut back on I'm trying to eat right. Is there ANY vice I'm allowed to keep?

Photography? Maybe that's a good vice to keep!

Today's flower is from my wedding day, and I think it is my all time favorite. I've posted it before. Last time I posted it I said I didn't know why it was blue but I loved it that way. Now I know that a happy accident of white balance occured. I'd love to learn to reproduce it!



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